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"Does the whole people have a car " does the times still have many from us far?

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See a data recently: At present gross of car of home of our country illicit has achieved forteen million nine hundred and seventy-two thousand, countrywide every 100 people have illicit home car 1.15, among them the area family car such as the Jiang Zhe that economy developeds has an amount taller, dongguan city every 100 people have illicit home car to already amounted to 32, coastal some city achieves 40 above even, and the whole nation with year all the speed of 20% above is in growth. Look so, the economic progress of our country was on the drive of advance rapidly truly, common people also cuts the material benefit that the feeling that cut the ground got place of reforming and opening is brought 27 years really, the period that a collective and rich, the whole people has a car stride ground goes to us!

Domestic car consumes the quickness of the market to warm up, stimulated the bitter fleabane break out of Chinese auto industry to exhibit greatly, at present countrywide car produces an enterprise to had achieved 2788. And foreign car business to China present consumptive market and huge potential demand also are valued all the time, did not abandon the osmosis of domains of pair of Chinese auto industry from beginning to end. Arrive from 1954 half of present many century, our country imported about 2.5 million cars in all, since reforming and opening, the foreign trader grabs a beach to land Chinese car to consume the market in succession, the form that adopts direct investment entered auto industry field of China directly, at present company of joint-stock car of foreign trader and China has achieved more than 400, year produce of all kinds car many 120, reckon according to the expert countrywide car produced gross to achieve 8.5 million near 2005 actually. Investment foreign trader comes from the 20 many countries such as Korea, Japan, United States, Germany, France and area, investment company is in by earlier in little capital to internationally big financial group changes. Joint-stock in all sorts of investment means occupy 90% above with collaboration, appear even the United States and Japanese enterprise buy China directly state-owned large and medium-sized the evidence of swallow like a whale of car company, its intention also was to take a fancy to this Chinese tremendous car to develop a space.

Is car purchasing power of the Chinese so true that car purchasing power of the Chinese have so exuberant? Did “ the whole people have the rich times of car ” to must come abruptly really? I see may not! The development trend of car of law court of the state in making us right and consumptive market make a brief analysis.

Look from structure of car consumer group, allow at the beginning of 80 time oneself private since buying a car, the private amount that buy a car lasts high speed grows, 1997, private car retains the quantity is 3.5 million, year grow 23. 5% , private the scale that buys a car to take car total demand is amounted to 57. 6% , show China was beginning to enter by the car of personal spending guide period to increase the level that spans for a long time, in the near future, domestic car demand will with year all 8% . speed increases by degrees, demand will achieve 5 million 2010. But, domestic car is had rate is top is boss of illicit look forward to and senior staff member, all sorts of celebrity that are culture art group next or good-paying person, year of their income all be in 200 thousand yuan of above, home has the star of movie and TV of fame, master of ceremonies, singer or happy hand to all basically have illicit home car a bit, crowd of this one consumption occupies illicit home car to have the 80 % above of the quantity about, be versed in firewood estate has illicit home car truly less than 10% .
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