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"Does the whole people have a car " does the times still have many from us far?

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From countrywide average per capita year can control income to look, level of average income of countrywide town dweller was 10493 yuan 2005, the income water flat tension that basically is and other places of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing raised integral income level, average per capita of dweller of great majority town can control income to be controlled in 8400 yuan, deduct prices to rise element, grow 9.0% actually; Net income of average per capita of countrywide country dweller 2622 yuan, grow 4.3% actually. What the specification needs here is, of income of urban and rural dweller serious and maladjusted, make net income of rural dweller average per capita also cannot catch up with average per capita of countrywide town dweller to be able to control income forever. The expert has made calculation, according to the farmer present income increases rate, should arrive 22 years namely so 2028, net income of 900 million farmer average per capita just can achieve 8800 yuan, namely the standard that town dweller average per capita can control income now.

From foreign car development experience looks, always the country that gross domestic product of average per capita exceeds 1000 dollars, private buy a car to begin to enter rapidder growth period. Gross National Product of countrywide average per capita was 10561 yuan last year, by each province area city is 13108 yuan on average, highest Guangzhou and Shenzhen city are achieved respectively 986, 89 yuan with 962, 58 yuan, and a few cities of the province of lowermost Gansu Province, Shaanxi, province such as Ningxia have 2000 only multivariate, 278 cities of countrywide still have near 1/3 to did not reach 1000 dollars, difference of level of region economy progress is very apparent, appear set out amount of city of the area that amount to a province is little, backward the look of “ pyramid ” with much amount of the city that visit an area distributings pattern. Explain from this, be in or striding what increase level quickly into the car basically is southeast ministry foreland and central city, population amount is controlled in 300 million person about, that is to say the whole nation has 1 billion person to had been not achieved private the GDP level that buys a car.

Additional, basis sampling investigation data made clear 1% population of countrywide 2005: At present countrywide total population is 1.308 billion person, 390 million, among them town population 560 million person, occupy 42.99% ; Rural population 745 million person, occupy 57.01% . According to car productivity of the whole nation is mixed now people consumption level, saying is “ the whole people has car ” , realize “ namely door even car ” , urban at least should be in 25 years of above, the country is in 50 years of above, that is to say, china should become the United States the national ” on in that way “ wheel still has quite long history process.

Integrated afore-mentioned we can reach such conclusion: The consumptive potential that is Chinese family car really very big, but come true impossibly in the car dream of Chinese of near future great majority. And at present the country has not urged the policy that the family is bought and uses a car, the car that in the United States 10 thousand dollar controls, want to reach 30 thousand much dollar in home, namely 250 thousand or so RMB, the car that American can buy one year, firewood of our average worker worker person the effort that wants to pay 10 years, plus want every year 20 thousand multivariate the stretch expenses with various items, nevering mention it is a farmer it is estate of firewood of average worker worker includes officeholder to bear hard.
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