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"Does the whole people have a car " does the times still have many from us far?

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Regard a kind of ride instead of walk of the mankind as the tool, we were experienced arrive to the bicycle from short-haired pelt ass aid motor-car to arrive again to autocycle the long course of sedan, greeted the beautiful spring that rides instead of walk with the car eventually. But, face plute distinguished personages people those who if abandon unlined upper garment,transfer is frequent with cheesy, face the car that blot out the sky and cover up the earth to market the belle car model of advertisement and enchanting charm, the bank “ car that faces softhearted affectionately borrows ” pink temptation, common civilian of China still can be “ hopes the car is promoted only at present sigh, dream car meaning drives ” , the “ of halfback vogue, comfortable scene returns very far from us very far …… after all with times of ” of car ride instead of walk

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