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The costly and maritime houseboat of plute of enumerate Hong Kong [group plan]

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Its asset total value is in He Hong 燊 Asian area all seniority front row, he discharged the 151st in global plute a list of names posted up 2005. He in HongKong and Macow two ground all own many property, and battalion does many business, its limits includes travel, shipping, landed, financial, airborne etc. To 2005, his net asset total value amounts to 3.6 billion dollar.

   He Hong 燊 has the following record in Macao:
1. 1/3 what its gross income amounts to complete Macao GDP.
2. In the taxation of Macao government, having nearly 30% is to come from why the company of follower.
3. He Hong 燊 also is complete bay the biggest employer, its employee number exceeds 10 thousand.  

Massage pool is set inside jewellery houseboat

Outside dividing Riva, azimut of brand of another Italian name factory, the mind that is Hong Kong many rich and powerful people likewise comes love, if bet Cai Zhiming of king of Wang Hehong 燊 , toy choose the houseboat of this brand, in the center in order to bet the houseboat of king the biggest the most luxurious, more houseboat of absolutely deep bay meets the coronal the houseboat of anchor. Houseboat type name of He Hong is 100 Jumbo, it may be said and bet Wang Qi next in deep bay houseboat stopping that can run from opposite directions offshore " jewellery seafood a light boat " mutual echo.

Bet the houseboat of king full-length nearly 100 feet, accord with Hong Kong maritime arrange only concessional ship is entered take shelter from the wind the limitation of the biggest length of pond anchor. This boat be worthy of the name is a maritime make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital, fang Buddha will be whole a person of extraordinary powers is moved curtilage maritime and same, divide in the center outside setting a massage common bathing pool, more the sitting room that includes a 30 feet to grow, and entry point also sets the public house with one big broadness, person of the top class in a kindergarten of the most comfortable syncretic opens a clique to be opposite. And the interior design of full boat, out Italy is worn the literary work of a stylist Carlo Galeazzi, be full of elegant Italian colour.

Boss poplar suffers flower emperor group to issue houseboat into the banner, the name is " Golden Times, italian Tecnomarine manufactures.

Yang Shoucheng is in Hong Kong it may be said is big alligator of medium magnate, recreation. He bought company of flying figure record 1992, bring into its division of flower emperor entertainment to fall, begin to build his recreational kingdom from now on. Regard medium as magnate, yang Shoucheng ever was had " new newspaper " , " economic a week " , " new holiday " , " east new ground " , " new Monday " reach " print of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty " wait for famous journal.

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