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Be the same as with Zhang Lianwei group be benefited boundless Ren Xianqi: Soot

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  Eggplant of hope Europe rice designs new fund for Beijing Olympic Games

The audience that likes 007 series movie knows, watch of wrist of Europe rice eggplant follows 007 series movies has been become " Zhanmusi Bond " the one part of classic form, its magical function makes secret weapon of Bond constantly, rangbangde is in trun ill luck into good of the moment of truth. Act art the Ren Xianqi that centre of gravity turns to the film gradually, can you also be in screen image of future special the watch of Europe rice eggplant that adorns one spends a body to have something made to order? Xiaoqi says humbly: "Zhanmusi Bond is a screen hero of widely known, he and wrist of Europe rice eggplant express fictile figure one case is someone else hard of exceed. As 2008 the partner of Beijing Olympic Games, I hope Europe rice eggplant can be the Beijing, wrist watch that designs a special set for China, that will be a more significant issue, worth while I am collected with a lot of friends. Worth while I am collected with a lot of friends..

   Father says " on the hand that I meet time to you "

A lot of lot predecessor are destined. When 18 years old, ren Xianqi receives a special adult gift -- watch of flying wrist of dish of Europe rice eggplant, father sends that. Playing his hand when father, when handing him the gift, say earnestly: "I meet time to your hand! " . That momently, xiaoqi feels he was brought up suddenly, want to be in charge of to oneself life and even life from now on, also should cherish the time of others. "So, my every time opens a concert to won't be late, some moment still are striven for arrive early, I should be in charge of to loving my song to confuse, cannot waste their time! " Xiaoqi of 40 years old already was person father nowadays, · of · of · of · of · of · of the cause that should have place of a successful man, love, family, child he and cummer Tina more than 10 years not the love of change, also make a story pasted on with approval of an inside and outside. Father gives the acceptance that his is pair of time, also give his responsibility to oneself and relatives and friends and acceptance. Although go to be not all the way plain sailing, no matter the climax of the career still is trough, he always with genial smile gentle the ground treats the friend all round, win the support that everybody lasts.

   Choosing Europe rice eggplant is a promotion to me

Perhaps have the sense growing experience at oneself, ren Xianqi is right the view extraordinary of Europe rice eggplant. "In the terminus of the match, we often see is athlete of testimony of Europe rice eggplant's most brilliant hour, actually Europe rice eggplant is very far-sighted brand " , ren Xianqi says: "When a lot of players are very young still, europe rice eggplant supports their match and training with respect to assistance, so these children feel Europe rice eggplant is the friend that accompanies them to grow together. " be this affection, give out to Ren Xianqi in numerous watch brand when inviting, he chose Europe rice eggplant, what he thinks this is oneself is lucky.
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