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The destination with culminating and honorable hall of world golf celebrity

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1974, the guest Hess that American PGA blocks city of collect Lai accept in north founded especially " hall of world golf celebrity " , for the ball hand with those outstanding achievement, and the person to load that makes enormous contribution for golf motion in other side is supreme and honorary. After ten years, dien Beiman and fragrance official of the · that carry Mu in succession bud the think of a way that establishs itinerate to surpass celebrity hall, with period cannot enter hall of celebrity of American PGA world finally for those likelihoods, but the professional ball hand that has extremely tall attainment and success really to load is honorary.
20 centuries 90 time are inchoate, dan Nawen of Williams Mu · is special with cummer land fiduciary company donated 400 acre land, as celebrity hall the building uses the land. This earth position is mixed at Jackson dimension Er between Shengaogusiting, adjacent intercontinental 95 highway, communication is very easy. After this, itinerate surpasses the museum building of celebrity hall and other facilities to also enter construction phase in succession.
1993, the fund that this project received be stabilizinged for a long time supports -- of itinerate contest headquarters and the LPGA that are set in beach of Dai Tuo accept join, eased architectural economy pressure greatly. Before long, the organization such as national club, USGA and foundation of American country golf also joins club of ancient time of holy Andrew Home Si Huang, Aogusida in succession, enlarged the prestige of the celebrity hall that is about to come out further. After 3 years, american PGA decides to shut guest Hess' special celebrity hall, the belongings of millions of dollars taxes the value that has this organization along with all the others give hall of new famous person.
After two years, hall of world golf celebrity opens to the outside world eventually. Up to now, this organization already work up becomes the Temple of God that has more than 100 members, and still devote oneself to the athletic spirit with transmission sincere letter, just golf, reveal the celebrated contribution of great ball hand.

The soul of celebrity hall consists her member. Annual, metropolis choose and the ball hand with the most outstanding achievement in inducting this motion and contributor join celebrity hall among them. Choose process and in those days PGA itinerate contest began at the same time January, through to each voting branch (include the public figure with member of hall of golf journalist, historian, celebrity and important post) release secret vote has a vote. In those days mobile climax is every autumn join hall celebration.
To hands of any a ball, enter celebrity hall to have 5 kinds of ways: PGA itinerate is surpassed / dot of tounament group, international contest form, LPGA accumulating is systematic group, lifetime success series and veteran group. Should obtain PGA itinerate to surpass / the ball hand of tounament and international contest form must satisfy the following requirement: At least 40 years old; Already won a certain quantity of groovy itinerate contest and vole contest championship. LPGA accumulates bit of system group to ask to choose a player to must take an active part in LPGA match at least 10 years fully; Had won cup of match of vole of a LPGA, Vare or Rolex year is optimal the player is honorary; Still should pick at the same time take the other itinerate with not little amount to to surpass champion.
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