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Golf of comment on China 8 big " high ball "

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Ball hand seeks field, be like a man to seek a woman, “ is done not have best, have the most appropriate ” only, have a fever to a golf it is very important that friend discovers a right field.

Be opposite in light of the comment on of 8 old high court of Chinese;

Footstep of reforming and opening is from south spread out toward north, the construction of golf field also followed this step.

At the beginning of reforming 1983, huo Yingdong after in Guangdong Zhongshan 3 countryside built ” of “ the Great Cultural Revolution the golf of hot spring of Zhongshan of —— of field of the first golf of chinese mainland rustic club, up to now the hand-hold portable telephone that this field remains Chinese golf field, therefrom manages a talented person to the golf that outputted the earliest golf hand and each respect completely.

1986, company of a Japan in order to improve the investment climate of Beijing, go canvassing built club of country of golf of international of Beijing the Ming Tombs.

1990, company of a stage endowment builds Hainan station in the Hainan that just builds a province Dagaoerfu field.

1991, the little brother of Bush of the president before the United States and Shanghai government collaboration gave lakefront of form sediment hill to build club of Shanghai international golf; Near 20 years are lain between when, golf field construction of China still is centered in these 4 to visit town.

Nowadays, field gross of the whole nation is early exceeded a hunderd schools. Every have his characteristic, every field can have 9 complacent lane. When the golf field that actually every investor did not come to in him tentative idea, order next crossing for oneself an ideal. But we know, want to achieve this goal, nature is not easy thing.

   Lakefront of Kunming spring city goes vacationing village: My fame is the noisiest

Of the authority that publishs every year in the United States " golf abstract " , can judge the golf field that gives world each country to rank. Begin from 1998, the field of chinese mainland began a rank, still by " golf abstract " as the judgment, according to the natural condition of field, the index of each respect such as integrated design, construction, management, environmental protection, landscape, the 10 beautiful that review every year golf field and each individual and optimal field.

The Kunming that is located in lakefront of sea of this world an administrative unit in Xizang spring city lakefront goes vacationing the village has been chosen a few years to be continuously the first. Field shares 36 holes, cent becomes hill and lakefront field, it is by current firm of the most top class golf field design is in charge of design and construction. The ball is like each section to had been caressed wholeheartedly on the road, the Founder with the same sod that each lever brandish goes down to be hit is complete, the point of fall on each lane is perfect, no matter be in forest still be lakefront has extremely beautiful view, the grass of fruit mountain is pressed very strongly, a bit a bit gradient can let take advantage of an opportunity of small white ball turn go down.

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