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Skill of complete scanning data masters 10 big new field of American

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Arrive from Red Sky Red Tail, the high-quality goods course of study in new 2002 field already rose to surface.

Although heat of golf field construction has not be over complete subsidise, but this one trend from 2000 since practice of 524 new field, had had apparent slow down. 2002, the new face that the industry place of this overheat appears people in the center, produced the powerful group of a crackajack field. Look from the angle of the design, the field of “Top10” of of all kinds of a lot of ranks is after the carve that passes uncanny workmanship, be located in arduous position. This not only the challenge that is pair of stylist, also can be opposite ball hand people constitute menace. From Boston

   Club of RED SKY golf

Falling base mountain range, what concept is extravagant life? This is apart from Denver only the golf community of 100 million dollar adjusts Cheng of two hours of cars, value this left a definition. This community came out last summer, stylist is Tom · law Qi Ao (Tom Fazio) , cover an area of 780 acre. Its predecessor is an altitude 7000 feet grass. Golf hole is surrounding nowadays the rise with crude bush and dense poplar forest. A high mountain is laky and bare before two court that gave this community in ornament of ground red cliff. The field of law Qi Ao that appears after that is full-length 7113, standard lever 72. It circles in abrupt half way up the mountain and go up, the berry that exuberance is on lane belongs to department grazing, to all sorts of hitting the law has stronger good-tempered sex. Stand in overlook of high Tee stage look as far as one can, can reach Castle hill top its all stop eye ground with the scene on the west. Before 9 holes are in desert amble, a pair of standards 5 lever hole is its mark. They grow 606 respectively, around move a mesa. The wind of indulge in wilful persecution and surroundings allow the tentative plan of mountain of the fruit on two lever retrocession, even if in wind-force abate 10% fall to the circumstance of 15% , also can be an idle dream only. 9 holes grow Par3 hole to leave with after piece. Faqiao got be reflectinged adequately in this one hole to the maneuverability of complex bunker, hind 9 holes are cut deeply fall base inside the mountain range. Field address is: Bellyache Ridge road. Red Sky field goes vacationing to area of new Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch and Vail only of the village medicinal powder guests are open.

Fruit mountain expends: 175-195 dollar. Phone: 001-970-477-8400; Network address: Www.redskyranch.com

  FALLS golf club

Tom Weiskopf ever completed his most outstanding work in desert area. And this, however somebody needs him to go vacationing in Lasiweijiasi the ground, a field that can make is created in the desert that cannot grow even cactus in. This name meaning is Fall “ flies flow to issue ” continuously, take the fall that one flows into and leaves from field upper part. Before 6 holes were arranged to be in a gorge that shows downtrend by unimaginably queer ground. Wide lane seeks break out of an encirclement in the jumping pit position with excellent Weiskopf. Of the 7th hole go uphill situation and narrow the suggestion that lane is a turn probably. 5 lever hole issues this standard continuously to crossing of a narrow, but to ball hand character, 9 holes come so that be without however after augural. Arrive from the 12nd hole the 14th hole, this 13 horn combine the acme that reached this court in cliff face upper part. Although have a place,golf hole looks lack fidelity here, but truly Yang Qun depastures here. Lever of standard of the 12nd hole 5, show curium shape collects degree and fall, illegally or forcibly occupy in a side of chain of mountains, when attacking fruit mountain, look downward can feel fruit mountain ases if float in sky, and the Vegas hill of far lower part also is so beautiful that make a person swimmy. Standard lever the 13rd hole of 4 serves the stage is in high the sky, narrow lane however downward winding enter clough. The 14th hole is short 4 lever hole, fall is near also 200 feet, but relatively before two holes still calculate docile. Fall is not the golf field on a traditional sense: It is a geographical book, right the person that climb rock, want to ascend the kingdom of this animal, this field also is a good place.
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