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Skill of complete scanning data masters 10 big new field of American

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  Club of VICTORIA HILLS golf

The small town of this sleep deeply is apart from Deland Orlando 35 miles. The person that row people the emperor that wants to explore beauty the word of · Qiao Zhihe river, here is a well-known main and initiative ground. The court that this small town has nowadays and it in flowing emperor · Qiao Zhihe is same, make stream of people forgets to return repeatedly. In plan of new community of a golf, this field that Ron Garl designs Florida person appears appropriate. Field has 80 feet head, the naked ground of hard oak, very tall pine, sandiness and primitive laky delimit the pattern of this field. Regard school of men and women of around Stetson college as the team advocate, lever of this 6845 long, standard the field of 72 appears quite affable, can get used to the change of a variety of ball roads. Want to take next standard staff here, what what need is pair of whole field operate from a strategically advantageous position only fight plan. This are in wide and reflect so that still be on rapid fruit mountain correct, want concede points enters a hole, can get the creativity that brings you into play adequately and experience. Garl combined his inspiration ably: The 5th hole is a standard that grows 221 3 lever hole, this hole has passed through moorland, outspread on one all around the tremendous fruit mountain that oak surrounds. Dolphin often can be jumped be apart from fruit mountain nearby offshore, the 2nd hole of this one act and Pinehurst be exactly the same. And the bunker that standard lever is style of ” of cereal of “ pine forest for the marked characteristic of the 10th hole of 4. Same standard lever the 15th hole of 4 is famous Cypress Point return, when treating fruit mountain range, the partial line of sight of ball hand is met by mound place keep out. Water obstacle area acted its part in 3 holes only, this is in Florida does not see more. Famous ball hand overcomes Reese · enlighten mark (Chris DiMarco) lives around pushball field, he is holding the lowermost lever record of pushball field: 65 lever. Kelisi says: It is good that the fruit mountain range of Victoria Hills and he is in in PGA itinerate contest like the any field that place go on an expedition crosses. Garl stands on his height, he is capable to provide the challenge with the agile and changeful “ that oneself had alleged, what what need is brandish lever not only, still have a slick head. ”

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  Club of FOREST DUNES golf

In Mixiegen edge of Huron country forest has a land, going up century 30 time when, ever was cleared to come out here farmland. But this one idea because here is earthy barren be changed with sand and declare fails. After planning through complete landed development, forest Dunes is in a series of adjust issued a half private club. Field caught an eye successfully to issue popular field to feel in the at hand of stylist Tom Weiskopf. After casting draft, tom is to follow lorry rear to build almost gave staff of this 7104 long, standard the field of 72. He from sand of the fish out in two lakes, innovation went nearly 20 acre to rise and fall ” of cobbly “ dune. According to the different characteristic of coastal relief, weiskopf is taking his at hand forces to come to Crystal Down, this city western to the queen's taste, the field that designs by Alister Mackenzie, the purpose is for shoot a glance at here is mixed and disorderly jumping pit and fluctuant fruit mountain. The style of Down is to was withheld to come down, but Forest Dunes or the view that held to Tom Weiskopf. 19 centuries 30 time, be alled over here establish bracken, wild flower and lofty Korean pine. Final 3 holes bath is in wind, can make public the feat photograph that chief seizes on contest to rival in England before New Year with Weiskopf 30. The 16th hole is a long Par3 hole, its giant fruit mountain is transformed by the moorland of a half acre and come, entry point has a tremendous hill. The main chance that seizes “ eagle ” should be in the 18th hole, this is 531 those who grow is short 5 lever hole, its lane is crossed from dune, jump Xiang Panqi to be on the fruit mountain of A lake center.
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