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Skill of complete scanning data masters 10 big new field of American

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Fruit mountain expends: 79.5-100.7 dollar. Phone: 001-678-714-2582; Network address: Www.bearbest.com

  Club of SHORE GATE golf

The company is located in the stylist Ron Fream of California to come a few years continuously, all the time to the United States " GOLF Magazine " sending him to be in the world the postcard of each corner work. Korea, Nepalese, cling to li, Argentina and Disneyland Paris, normally for the field that in stranger place he designs appears more outstanding. Undertook in the whole world classics year after carve, fream stops was in Atlanta city 30 minutes of South Jersey outside. With the enthusiasm of stylist of a field, fream is cast off field is mixed to the beach before the dependence of dune. After having knowledge to sunshine angle and shadow mode, fream carries with bulldozer the 450 thousand cubic yard earth that come replaced sand. The field of a most bold unruly so was born. From the point of overall situation, shore Gate is red-blooded, look to provide deterrence power quite. Around a few holes tall steep hammock flank, fream went out with sand matting head on and the feeling of the ocean wave that come. Inside field although have 88 bunker and 7 pool, the huge moorland that ghee grass spreads all over all around must make the person takes care again and again however. “Shore Gate is unapproachable. ”Fream is evaluated so.

Fruit mountain expends: 42-99 dollar; Phone: 001-609-624-8337; Network address: Www.shoregategolfclub.com

  Club of DARK HORSE golf

What the United States surpassed publicly 2001 is finish in South Hill advocate after field, brandish of stylist Keith Foster rang a dark horse (the horsewhip of Dark Horse) . This field illegallies or forcibly occupy the foot of a hill in Sierra Nevada to fall, be apart from Sierra to have 50 miles. The buy of place v/arc be on the throne of “Dark Horse makes a person amazed indeed, ”Foster says, the fall of “ discretion relief has 150 feet, topping Ponderosa pine, oak and gigantic cliff are adorned among them. It is really conspicuous. ” nature is its one big characteristic more. On the foundation of 150 thousand cubic earth, he built staff of this 7030 long, standard with the method of new old union the field of 72. In the hill that ball hole is embedded rise and fall. Original pond, ditch and marsh are tried to use by wisely. Most fruit mountain passed meticulous program, the bunker of large area closely follow at sb' heels is worn ball hand, the conception of some bunker comes from the draft of Alister. The metropolis in the 9 holes of a lot of field has 1 to although,be opposite the standard of sex of short rich however challenge 4 lever hole. Dark Horse is not exceptional also. When coping with the 2nd hole that grows 340, want to keep away from at a draught 3 bunker must call 250 distance. Grow 315 the 14th hole only, the right side has a chain of deep bunker, resemble a tricky deep gully general. Fruit mountain the right side, have each urine pond and a very tall oak. End on March 31, zhou Yi comes during Zhou Wu is workaday, the fruit mountain cost of the word field that walk is 39 dollars only.
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