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Skill of complete scanning data masters 10 big new field of American

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  STONEWALL goes vacationing village

Go up century 80 time metaphase, going up in West Fork river when American army engineer when dam goes out to establish the artificial lake with eponymous park with Stonewall Jackson city with surrounding, they do not know to be in ever since in years, another general, also be the covey forces that hand of a golf is leading him at the same time, below the foot of a hill that comes to Alleghenies, built a spirit to enrage dye-in-the-wood field. From Pittsburgh southward drive car two hours, can arrive at cost the Stonewall of 50 million dollar goes vacationing village, stonewall Jackson is this one part in planning 25 years. 26 miles senior lake bank is arranging the villa of beautiful Adirondack type, a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it of lake water middle reaches is worn muskellunge. Fluctuant small hill and valley crisscross must are like labyrinthian and general, this also is field a marked characteristic. The soddy sort of field is this especially careless, according to 6 kinds of different Tee, the field overall length of 72 spends standard lever also from 4921 differ to 7149. The forest of far Mountain State and hilltop formed the background of this field. Many fruit mountain are risen higher, dimension is taken hold properly. In the work that designs a company in Palmer field, the fruit mountain surface of this field should belong to a more careful kind that. The pillar of Stonewall is the excellent combination of its Par4 hole, especially its the 9th hole, this is from left to right dog leg hole. 9 holes are in after lakefront relief relatively altitude scatters to come. Candy maple is mixed the outline of the 9 holes after fir forest was drawn the outline of, a hickory tree around already had on hundred years history. This hickory forest, a brook, plus a moorland. the one divides into two of lane of the 12nd hole of Par5. The 15th hole of Par4 is holding the apogee of whole field. From overlook of this hole look as far as one can, you also do not see even a signs of human habitation, feel oneself as if only the hilltop that can enter Blue Ridge Parkway from lane directly goes. The meeting of villatic type is being looked down at lake water and restaurant, want nevertheless when just opened to the outside world this year in June.

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  Club of RED TAIL golf

From Walden Pond nearby, have a land that is permeated with rurality, it is called Fort Devens, possessory it is Henry David Thoreau. It is not difficult to want to find it, from Boston along set out of Patton direction Bulge, to on the west drive car 35 miles. The country court that is a mark with the mountain range with long continous and old oak is procumbent here, look year of Dai Jiuyuan, as if build at one afterwar. After base of this military affairs is cancelled, if local Brian Silva is about to build to use him here, say to having the golf field of the minatory sex ” with tricky “ . Each world names of field pithy see everywhere: The Par3 of “Redan” type; The fruit mountain of goblet type and the one hole that has Cape color quite. But the defense tentative plan that Silva is opening this to sow a tractor to had visited the fellow of 100 many field to put forward his: The thought of periphery of low ” of mountain of fruit of tall ” of optional bunker, “ and “ , a lot of save is perforative also among them. The lane of several holes is be rebuilt by the driveway of the base of old military affairs with bristly before oak and come. The ball hole of traditional park type is balanced by the originality colour place of desert type, asing if it seems that is the Scotland field of former juice raw ingredient. Zhuang Guoling is in the islands that the Tee stage place that the 17th hole of Par4 has high points to of sand guard heavily convex show clue, and the right of fruit mountain is before ammunition depot, or unripe or dead, all be in this with one action! The 18th hole of Par5 is declivous, ball hand is like the fruit mountain that is willing to growing to fine, with left foot the pose with low, right tall leg grows brandish here one lever, want a ball only area of obstacle of water of can great leap, can attack with two lever on fruit mountain. Return amusedly here not merely golf, ornamental bunker held the full range hillside of a side of the 2nd hole, many tank can be contained inside, perhaps one of these day army is returned, they still can have the land of use force.
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