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Fruit mountain expends: 65-70 dollar. Phone: 001-772-3273; Network address: Www.redtailgolf.net

  BOLINGBROOK golf club

Every internationally metropolitan metropolis has like Roger C. Claar in that way mayor. Bolingbrook is located in the southwest corner of American Chicago, it is a village in growing. Facing the plan that how administers big calamity, since mayor is the Claar of enthusiastic golf lover, put forward to build a playground in Arthur Hills in order to solve big calamity offer, and before the place of the field of community instead golf of the domestic ” of the person that plan to begin for “ on the map. Here spreads all over smelly pond formerly, it is the crop land of a level off. To change the physical features of a place here, let it become to have tall Tee and rise and fall of lane muti_function field, 2.4 million cubic yard earth is gone to by carry here. Lane moves back and forth in each bunker and long grass. A few artificial lakes not only adorn among them, still brought water obstacle district to the 14th hole. Stylist Hizzoner pays attention to at 2 o'clock: A standard that grows 600 5 lever hole; Mountain of a fruit is in the standard on the isle 3 lever hole. The Tee with different basis, the length of hole of this 5 lever reachs 600 to differ for 482, lane is in of the bunker with 3 threatening imposing manner next how-to leading to fruit mountain. The 15th hole calculates since white Tee grow 127 only, fruit mountain must cross a pond on, there are egret and wild swan around. Here the hole attacks fruit mountain although the target is big, but should blow only, slanted for certain accuracy.

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