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Chinese golf viewpoint: The unity that calls Chinese golf field is regular

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On the forum of a height that holds recently, I once loudly appeal to the public: Golf had arrived to must pay attention to custom when. Enter China morely as international golf tournament, whether according to what unite, fair regulation plays a ball game, already became examine Chinese golf is on consciousness whether conform with international, go up in quality whether a when draw close with international main staff gauge.

In this respect, chinese golf has a lesson. On match of a few international, because our professional is not lucid to regular understanding, the example that is in an unfavorable situation accordingly is very much. However, it is all round us, the golf motion ” that “ does not defend regulation still everywhere is visible.

Be in on celebrity conjugate contest, I and Chang Xiutong group of Wei of Korea ball hand. His caddie is a foreigner, because be the 4 people that deduct within an inch of,optimal achievement is surpassed, we do not have proof of within an inch of, with respect to oneself the newspaper gives within an inch of, general appreciably is a few taller, this caddie is registered seriously one by one, monitor our game strictly next. Be the same as group of players with a bigger age to dial the position of the globe that move and changed his chronically with ball lever, this caddie special prevent with English angrily: NO! I am understanding to surround, the achievement that tells him this player does not enter computational grade, but caddie still does not agree, and he is moved the hand recovers from an illness ball extensive. Although be opposite,undertake supervisory without someone else, but this caddie abidance to regulation, make me special admire.

In the certain field of our country south, a group ball hand often can be more than 4 people field brings income, then field acquiesced this act that violates regulation. In some field, most a long time has a few 10 people to be the same as allegedly group play a ball game, behind the person that plays a ball game by normal regulation is blocked up so that suffering can'ts bear character. A few person that play a ball game are the alleged “ fair ” when betting a ball, even proper motion formulate is regular, more the communal regulation that changes field, the ” of regulation of “ all corners of the country that this also is sneered at to be ” of “ scampish regulation by themselves is agreed with by a lot of people however and using.

I once should be made an appointment with as small as one ball friend bet, although very small stake wins out also almost charge of caddie of only enough consign, but we are honor and battle, hit very seriously. The hole grows in, the ball that I give out falls in cement roadside, the lever that use a ball goes hitting affirmative harm to lever, I put forward to punish 1 lever solution to strand, he does not agree namely, to indulge him, I hit special iron pole spent. Final result is to part on bad terms. Namely evermore, I am determined to boycott “ to bet ball regulation ” .
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