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Chinese golf viewpoint: The unity that calls Chinese golf field is regular

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Undertake according to within an inch of the match is regular one part, and all sorts of amateur tournaments all the time within an inch of of ” of new new Bei Liya calculates the “ of continue to use method, become however here reward the tool of certain person. I once had attended some bank to serve systematic match, my companion makes the lever number of 7 words head, because be to suffer,invite, also want to know final result so, we await the arrival of award prize hour all the time, who knows to win award finally is the anybody in bank client, and the scientific consideration that does not need any lever number, just sponsorring square decision is. This action makes my companion vexed and more than, say to me in anger, what sense does such match still have?

Within an inch of still is not understood regular ball hand is used follow one's inclinationsly. In the game that organizes to extend system of normal within an inch of in Shenzhen golf association, a player signed up for the within an inch of of 24 for oneself, call the total result of 79 lever however, final computation gives clean lever achievement to be 55 lever. If according to regulation, because do not accord with actual level apparently, this result should be cancelled. Considering the need that popularizes within an inch of, sponsorring still just was to indulge this achievement. But when the thing person actually muddy does not become aware like that, return in spirits ground to appear on the stage to receive award, let a person be surprised.

Still have, ball hand uses line of pushball of push rod planish on ball hole area, change the current situation at will inside deep female division, crush with lever trying brandish dozen, break off the branch of cloggy brandish lever and cogongrass, inside obstacle area conveniently chooses interspersion fraise …… they are done so be accustomed to sth, put forward to violate regulation so when us even when, cause their doubt actually, cannot play a ball game namely here, is regulation a regulation must not such place move?

The award that sets very high value for amateur tournament is not approved by regulation, but in the amateur tournament in us, the match that becomes one lever of “ to receive hole ” award with the car appears ceaselessly, the ball that a few small-sized matches also reward whole set at every turn is provided and precious electronic product. These high price are rewarded, adopt certain and cogged behavior to improve report to cannot say to do not have stimulative effect to a few players.

Of course, also need replaces regulation. If people has doubt to some regulation, the person that can mirror regular formulate of course, offer oneself modification opinion. But, cong Mou is planted for the meaning, once regulation is promulgated, it is the law of this motion, have toe the mark only, just be road.

We appeal, let regulation come field of in charge of, and need not the volition of ourselves of make endless concessions and desire.
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