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Hole of hole of field of American cobble beach has amazed

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The United States " golf abstract " Luo En of field news analyst - defend special (Ron Whitten) is in it is cobble beach platoon American field the first hind explanatory path: “ till recently, I still belong to a flock of that conservative person that criticize, the view —— that derisive cobble beach is great field our collective opinion is: It is to have 6 great ball holes nevertheless over there just, (The others 12 holes) it is 6 poor holes and 6 general hole ……(after should hitting a ball to cobble beach, ) I did not discover those 6 poor holes however, as to those 6 general

Fluctuant really of course came, also be change to good way. It is below a few change commemorably: The first important and fluctuant the lengthen that is pair of the 18th hole. That was 1922, williams - the 5 lever hole that Fuller is change of 378 4 lever hole 548 of today's, this also lets it become one of renown holes of cobble beach. And the first hole turns today's dog leg into the hole is for the United States is spare 1929 tounament, all holes of field undertook large-scale improvement at that time, because of other hole fluctuant, affect the position of the first hole, so the first hole changed today's pattern finally. The famousest nevertheless altering or altered to what place of the 5th hole does 1998, what invite this is the Nikelaosi that has source quite with cobble beach. The seaside that this hole rebuilds this ground is cobble beach company comes 80 years by chance all the time of covet, say this rebuilds so finished Er of Miao of father a place of strategic importance finally - the dream that the wish —— of Morse also is him is ultimate round.

   The dream puts in native place 's charge

Cobble beach field belongs to cobble beach company all, also manage by it. But from 1992, cobble beach company was bought by Japanese however. The bright phearl in this American memory falls into the pocket of Japanese like a lot of treasure, let a lot of United States popular feeling have unwilling, this has the Pete that above paragraphs mentions, Dick and Kelinte among them. The ignorance that nevertheless they are before no longer child child, to today, pete had become Pete - Yaobenluosi (Peter Ueberroth) , 1984 " times weekly " year man of the time, striding to the political field; And Dick became Dick - Falisi (Dick Ferris) , of the preside before combining aerial and committee of policy of PGA itinerate competition currently hold the post ofa chairman; Became Kelinte as to Kelinte - Yisite Wood (Clint Eastwood) , well-known actress and director, oscar award gainer. They are together jointly, determination buys cobble beach. Nevertheless, they made very great effort, still do not have be successful however, find handkerchief Ma till them, this great player that folds halberd twice in cobble beach, just with 820 million dollar buy the price to come to an agreement, fulfilled their earnest wish finally 1999. In those days pushball field also greeted amateur of 99 United States to surpass, can say to let this permanently be record in annals momently. The dream is round, cobble beach returned native place again.
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