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Lend cloud and mist the high mountain- - club of high ball of Shenzhen century s

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Century seascape is located in Shenzhen the 2nd height 7 women hill, hill middling year cloud and mist winds around, lanneret circles; On the high mountain, be south bay with the roc bay between Hong Kong, of great momentum; The beautiful scenery of field is met even concede points hand is abstracted. Nevertheless, want to admire gallant and attractive hill lubricious seascape buoyantly, have a premise: Before be being hit 4 holes cannot break down.

Drive from Shenzhen blessing cropland along the freeway all the time eastwards, a half hour hind, can arrive at seaward back hill south bay town, club of century seascape golf is between the 7 women the foot of a mountain by roc bay.

I can hope breakfast arrives all the time, the purpose that comes to Shenzhen this is to can be challenged south bay century seascape field, before two days, zhang Lianwei ever came here to had been hit, 73 pole are hit below the circumstance of pressure of it doesn't matter, faced moment to still take a word: Field is very difficult. Nature cannot mix my ball ability to place on a par even Wei elder brother, nevertheless a lot of friend says here Shanmeihaimei, although the hand is not urticant, the eye also itched.

Friends often discuss, still have court a hole, a lane of a few meters of fall, flank looks is U word model, cross channel to enter cereal first, climb slope next; The front looks is Z word model, lane 7 twist 8 twist; A bully should face the ball hole of against the wind everyday even in 240 above; Have all over the mountains and plains litchi and cedar, still have the lanneret that circles for nothing on lane. All the way, I am in urgent driver, wait a bit not as good as.

But unluckily somebody wants sing a different tune, cameraman king approach once had come a few times, so his unlike I am so agog, suggest the driver takes another route all the time. His perspective is quite artistic: “ freeway across has dish of hill road, the meeting is multi-purpose half hour, the beautiful scenery of roadside is the most beautiful prelude before playing a ball game. ”

  Body part mountain forest is far borrow seascape

In culture of Chinese ancient building, a kind of classical artistic style makes borrow scene. Century seascape field lends ” to reach the home scene “ when construction plans. The hill with located field calls 7 women hill, be rise abruptly from the seaside, 6 holes of field can see strong beautiful roc bay, view is very broad, an island in bay let seascape add many clever energy of life. In Chinese field, wonderful country court is not little, beautiful littoral field also has a lot of, resemble the playground of seascape of this kind of country of century seascape, I see for the first time however. Lane is designed for the moment no matter, tell from geography, field took hill view, borrowed seascape again, really god-given.

7 women hill leaves the 2nd peak that the sea is Shenzhen, not be what famous mountains and great rivers, but because ascend difficulty is very great, and had given ascend accident a few times, be closed by the government, prohibit ascend. A government order makes 7 women hill even more mysterious. Century seascape field goes along ground of 7 women hillside namely situation and build, it is court of a country.
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