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Lend cloud and mist the high mountain- - club of high ball of Shenzhen century s

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Billows sound was listening to spend long one night in the hotel type apartment of field. Bully time is morrow in the morning at 7 o'clock, we arrive when, already many guests wait aside, try brandish lever warm up at the same time. Ten 1 date wood pole transmits “ to breathe out breathe out the sound of the broken wind of ” , let a person listen to a hand to itch more more. When chatting with caddie, look up saw one act marvellous spectacle: The lunt in hill rises into the cloud, be illuminated by the rising sun, chunk cloud face appears give 7 kinds of colour, a few tremendous eagles circle below the cloud, after bully sound passes, vast sky of white ball lacerate, unexpectedly kind of body is in " apotheosis a list of names posted up " feeling.

Be waited for for a long time in northward Campagna, very god-given the cloud that sees this kind of rich arrangement, meet unexpectedly in the two round cloud that very close nearly the two direction flap with contrary face, fold slowly next. Finally 7 colour auspicious cloud laps completely, wonderful view lasted 20 minutes, let me almost this northward man looks foolish, be done not have to be aware of by person jump the queue.

   Original creation manages mode

The ball can have had 3 years of histories, but all the time not quite humanness place knows, had not sold even member card even, the controller at that time is not familiar to golf industry, field management also is not very orderly. The uncut jade with a pretty good uncut jade, did not get perfect write in an ornate style.

2003, head firm takes over ball of administrative century seascape formally to meet, they are in field ground on management elaborative. Go up besides main business strengthen major to groom. On management concept, the mode of sale of ” of “ century Jin Ka of the initiate in rolling out golf of a kind of home to meet. Mode of this kind of sale sold mode to pose a challenge to traditional field membership. Its principle is a ball meeting spending behavior is used store value card will come true, 38 thousand yuan a piece of card, will consume with price of member honored guest. After having 4 pieces of consumption to get stuck when consumer accumulative total, can change permanent membership with it. Such, seldom come but the person that likes here can buy Zhang Ka to be being used first, want to become permanent member later, the money that has spent in front also is not treated unjustly. Consumer is OK avoid risk of a lot of investment.

In fact, this kind of management mode is very tall to the character requirement of field, management also just should have enough self-confidence. The Xiao Hui of general manager Tan that the ball meets says, before front agrees to take over administrative ball to meet at that time, did to whole field think adequately, confidence basically comes from two respects: The first, field beautiful scenery is advantaged; The 2nd, lane design has a characteristic very much.
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