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Lend cloud and mist the high mountain- - club of high ball of Shenzhen century s

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Later, chat with a few friends that will cross here, they think century seascape field fits young ball hand very much. If do not have psychology to prepare, before 4 holes can cause heart disease.

   Before must be being defended stoutly 4 holes

I am from hind 9 holes begin to play a ball game, hit that day, I very rejoice to oneself not was in suffer torment at the beginning, not too the mood that so that admire beautiful scenery,the influence plays a ball game at the same time. Par4 of the first hole, although blue Tee has 385 only, but left is mountain forest weed, right is cliff clough, from serve glyph of U of Cheng of mountain of stage, lane, fruit goes situation, fall 50. Lane looks be like bounty, have only actually left tall right low two point of fall.

Zhang Lianwei is when the first hole, was to take out a wood pole first, observed a little while, take out 3 wood pole again, put the ball on right platform. The ball is friendly people when attacking fruit mountain, must hit left, fruit mountain right is clough, the just right that lose, poor in.

The 2nd hole serves did not know to bury how many ball in the clough before the stage, caddie says, every time the ball is hit, make an appointment a few associate pick a ball to Gu Li, can load one sack every time. If use iron lever to hit left lane, interest of it doesn't matter, almost the big gorge that all players can choose 240 pass through directly, but carrying pressure on the head, face wind of 5 class hill again, final result is green hill buries a ball, after crossing channel, big uphill right dog leg, the distance is not long, difficulty is not little.

When I stand to the 4th hole, feel to shudder immediately. Serving an invisible fruit mountain, this is very normal, general 4, hole of leg of 5 lever dog such. But here, I cannot see lane, can listen to caddie introduction only: Cross left 150 long clough, on declivous two can fall the platform of the ball, bully can be hit more than 220 times wear. At this moment ball hand orders about completely by caddie, the technology is a bit wrong, can one lever brandish goes out, submit to the will of Heaven. Unless resemble Zhang Lianwei, have shutting an eye to be able to go up the ability of fruit mountain, can listen to the proposal of caddie, put the ball easily on optimal point of fall with wood pole next.

Before can insisting to be hit 4 holes and the person that did not break down, can enjoy the fun of this field easily finally, because behind 17 holes that also only blue Tee548 is piled up can create psychological pressure to ball hand. Mountain forest of this hole left, right OB, left dog leg is big uphill, fall has a few meters, so-called devil. The position of fruit mountain is full-court apogee, gallant seascape take in everything in a glance. Nevertheless, when I dig this hole, be attracted not be lane however, the 2nd lever when, just laid fruit mountain range, posse cloud and mist has waved in hill suddenly, fruit mountain block a Yan Yan is solid. I and caddie look stayed, what say in the poem is there is a family in Bai Yun, resemble the view that there is fruit mountain in this kind of Bai Yun, poetic Du Mu is to did not have a predestined relationship to meet. (Civil / Hong Zoubin of ancient bronze mirror)
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