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Club of Shan head high ball is believed in challenge of mountain of 2.6 millimet

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From Shan head urban district to southwest drive car, advance littoral had sailed thalassic bridge, all can enjoy the beautiful scenery of semi-tropical bay all the way. After 20 minutes, with respect to the letter in can be being arrived at Shan head goes vacationing village, and in club of golf of the head that believe Shan also is before. Although do not have a design to become field of a seascape, but of field design special atmosphere and delicate, it is winter south plays a ball game go surely one of field

By China International fiducial investment firm invests build field, below the ax foot of a hill that has middle of highway of riverside of river of area of riverside of river of city of head of posture Yu Shan, have level of 18 holes international at present 72 lever field, cover an area of 1868 mus, lane overall length 7200. What double deck can design the quadrature in the compasses in the ground, we were invited to ascend 2 buildings gazebo, can look down at from here whole field, broad lane, tree sets off one another medium fruit mountain attracts us at a draught, instantly end, enjoy 18 holes.

Ever designed famous Aston Aokesi (the Pearson of · of Mu of American stylist soup of Aston Oaks) field (Tom Pearson) , the design that completed whole field works, build according to hill situation, set according to water scene, body reveals full-bodied semi-tropical amorous feelings. Overall for, lane is evener, not too big rise and fall, difficulty of at first sight appears not quite, actually however mechanism hides, player of a lot of professions has been performed here alarmingly dangerous, wonderful one act.

   The 12nd hole

The 2nd hole is 378 long, it is a hole of almost orthogonal left dog leg, the first lever serves the fireweed area that should face big, so blue T should hit 180 at least, golden T wants to give 220, two bunker that corner is in guard against even in the meantime, match of professional alliance cup is medium 2002, taiwan player Zhang Zepeng serves in this one hole when, preparation attacks fruit mountain continuously, the result serves OB. The 12nd hole is medium of field of the head that believe Shan " fascia hole " , 524 long, standard lever 5 lever, fruit mountain is surrounded by water obstacle, there is mountain after there is water before, although you bypassed water obstacle, take care all the more even those natural at the back of fruit mountain large block, hundreds these rock are formed 3 fold chute have diarrhoea to fall, be not attracted by such beautiful scenery and be beside oneself, go up the one lever of fruit mountain can be important all the more. During the elegant room happy round that held here in November 2002 is surpassed, luxuriant interpose of Taiwan player Cai is in actually 2 lever of the 12nd hole enter a hole, hit write down very beautiful Double Eagle, created the record of the club.

Respecting Eagle, what the fruit mountain that Shan head field believes in uses is American eagle grass (Eagle Grass) , use motion of cold storage ark to Shan head from the United States at the outset, use the field can be counted on one's fingers that this kind of the most advanced grass plants in home at present. Grass can cut general fruit mountain range to be controlled to 3.5 millimeter only, and grass of this kind of eagle can cut 2.6 millimeter however, and grass-blade grows concentrated, without what interstitial, when the ball has boiled, be fast urgent, its speed should surpass the fruit mountain speed of match of this kind of profession publicly to be about the same with the Asia.
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