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Golf of comment on China 8 big " high ball "

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If your push rod is enough good, you can get the biggest enjoyment here, of course, if you never had made great efforts on push rod, the tremendous fruit mountain here lets you probably roll out the 5 push rod of record-breaking. Of field collect fees do not poor, through making an appointment, wanting 1400 yuan at ordinary times, included lodge villaticly inside field night, breakfast, the fruit mountain cost of 18 holes, establishment expends the charge with caddie. If was not booked rushed enter, most can be rejected.

   Club of golf of Zhongshan hot spring: My caddie is the most professional

Club of golf of Zhongshan hot spring can be annual in the rank, be like it also all along won't very care about a platoon to be in the a fewth, the sort of its Wang Zhe wind model often let a person feel to be ranked to it affront it. If you are not a member, you do not play the possibility to the 18 holes that the Nikelaosi that later period develops designs. But my individual prefers the pleasure with old exquisite court. The caddie that be here often is the ace of odd within an inch of, if you are hit bad when the awkwardness that need not conceal oneself, flat ask for advice to them, perhaps their opinion can help you win the victory that takes a ball game.

   Club of ball of husband of Shanghai Xu Baogao Er: My class promotes year after year

Club of Hai Xubao golf is in actually the town of lake of form sediment hill of elder brother hill, a lot of lane from field can see the view of lake of form sediment hill. The operation level of management of field is very high, caddie management, insert in time sow grass to plant, lane always is clip is gotten clean, all these offsetted its natural inadequacy, make this comes up from the design say very general court, can raise the position every year toward premise, now is Shanghai carries on exclusively almost the field of formal tounament, VOLVO open competition is chosen a few years continuously hold here.

   Golf of big Shanghai international goes vacationing village: I had had brilliant history

In the Yang Cheng of city of elder brother hill lakefront has to be called nature international golf to go vacationing the field of the village, come from level of natural condition, design, construction saying is first-rate field, do not follow a few this years to go up because of level of management, be eliminated to be in big Shanghai area by golf lover gradually besides optimal field.

The architect of field is the world's top-ranking company, 3000 mus of lakefront use the land, there is a nearly 1000 mus wet ground between as settleclear as this world lake, everyday in the morning ground of much my day of day of wild bird block flies, the footmark of puppy can discover everyday in the bunker of lane. The shop when construction of court initial stage goes down the sand of 2.5 million stere, lane expanse, the scenery is beautiful. Before a few years also by " Chinese golf " the magazine is judged for most distinctive golf field, whole fruit mountain is chosen to be hole of optimal landscape ball in the 18th hole of in relief settleclear lake.
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