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Golf of comment on China 8 big " high ball "

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But because invest person and supervisory idea issue, the construction of field lacks grade, functional sex extreme difference, these a few years of reasons because of each respect, field already gradually be on the wane. On lane all the year round full of stains or spots refute, once was the fruit mountain with Shanghai the most outstanding area so, had let a person look now sad. Every advert this, my metropolis dog takes mouse like feel very distressed.

   Club of golf of countryside of Dalian inscriptions beach: My fruit mountain is full of a challenge

Northward field is restrained because of natural condition, manage very hard. For example the field of Beijing was sealed every year on December 5 by the rule, arrive all the time lie between year opened afresh on March 5. The golf lover that pulling packets of big packet to play a ball game toward south often can see in the airport during this.

The club of golf of inscriptions beach countryside of Dalian is exclusive before can be being entered year after year 10 northward ball is met, field is located on coast of Dalian inscriptions beach, the design of some lane wants to hit the ball toward the direction of the sea, was full of stimulation and challenge. Allegedly its the 7th hole had entered before the world 100 the most valuable golf course ranks, go there of course the charge that play a ball game also was close to rank first spring city lakefront goes vacationing village.

   Golf meets the lake that watch billows: Nobody can compare my class

Guangdong golf field is most, held the half the number of countrywide gross almost. As a result of climate damp and hot, the plant grows easily, field the four seasons is evergreen. Add landform to rise and fall, the landscape of each field is accordingly pretty good. Ranking first here is to had held a world cup of course, had invited peaceful case golf meets the lake watching billows that the golf hand of the world top level such as Aiersi visits · Woods, E Nie.

The vast scope of the lake that watch billows often lets a person feel to admire stop, 99 holes, still enlarging medium dimensions ceaselessly, who can compare a shoulder very hard to it in home, every field invited the stylist of completely different style, these a few also are in him continent the toppest ball hand. Field is built in mountain south low upland between, between the hole of the hole join very smooth, via regular meeting some peaks loop turns make breathtakingly.

The meeting of field is all several, each are decorated luxuriously extravagant, overgrow often can see nowadays is newest on the parking lot of the tree greatly the racing bike of the paragraph, have in the car that opens wide ceiling from insect of the fallen on the tree, ground of not worry at all climbs to climb. The lake that watch billows also is the sort of club that wants selected and optimal ball every year to meet necessarily, if it cannot selected, that is other selected also can appear good for nothing, after all with the lake that watch billows such gigantic without bully like the ball is met can is a very honorable thing on sheet of same Zhang Bang.
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