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Golf of comment on China 8 big " high ball "

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   Chang'an golf meets: Scenery of my a magic weapon happy person

But the ball of happy person meets true view is in hill of Dongguan Chang'an lotus the Chang'an golf of 27 holes is met. With spring the downy picture with city lake bold and generous air is different, the Bai Qiang of those electronic factories outside also watching billows lake field and random grave ridge. Play a ball game in Chang'an even if circle between mountain ridge, from a pediment brilliant valley turns to another Lin Shenshu luxuriant the valley goes, although over there often be every hole is discharged full the boy that the white mustache old man of itch to try perhaps is plunging into horsetail plait, everybody feels depressed to there is so much person to play a ball game on field, but leave the time that you still can see friend of same group ball is sending similar complaint to await bully on field weekend. The beauty of Chang'an is the get victory on the landscape in field, the sense that strolls in the valley is really wonderful, regrettablly field is to drive compulsively, lost the fun that is close to nature more very much.

   Field of husband of Zhao Qinggao Er: My design originality lead

Golf field of Zhao Qing is designed at first is 54 holes, estimation is the redound that investor cannot see field, did 18 holes to wind up the matter hastily only, the guild hall of field is designed so that have bit of cartoon taste, the likelihood is in at the outset this is belonged to compare original lead to design. Because be,ask to design according to 54 holes, finished only however 1/3, so between every ball hole join to often want a lot of, it is to drive fortunately play a ball game, can more times see a landscape. Field is very open, once my friend station serves in the 7th hole the stage hits the ball to the lane of the thirteenth hole that lying between a river to go up however, laugh at us rock. One that year Zhao Qing also discharges the cavalcade in 10 beautiful field in, nevertheless that is 7, the thing 8 years ago, had heard cause to celebrate the news of field rarely now.

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