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Golf meets Shenzhen light more renown public field needs more support

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Public golf meets Shenzhen light will incognito for " golf meets Shenzhen light " , more the management concept after the name is changeless, meeting property remains the ball " blame member makes a ball meet " . The ball can say, they will continue to hold to " astral level quality, super enjoy " tenet, provide high quality motion, recreational room for lover of broad high ball. On July 12, pushball meets what folded joint of luck of general manager king got this print reporter interview

  Home has two public court only

Home already of practice have two public court only, field of these two public is located in Shenzhen -- one is club of golf of Long Gang public, pushball can be managed by governmental investment, enterprise, practice already 3 years many; Another is bright golf meeting, pushball can be the government uses BOT pattern, undertake invite public bidding, invest by the enterprise entirely and manage.

According to general manager Wangrui locks up the introduction, this mode is the beneficial attempt that the government introduces an enterprise to participate in commonweal career to invest, can invest construction from pushball, since managing, the self-identity that gets friend of leaders of all levels, ball and person of the same trade, reputably, saved many fund for the government, local government gives with 9 words affirmative: Speed fast, quality good, level is high. In management process, pushball is met not because price is low and reduce service level, contrary ball can be being contended for achieve " astral level quality " .

Current, the member that these two field do not send guild gets stuck, recieve only medicinal powder guest, fruit mountain expends the agreement according to the government all under 250 yuan. Because cost is relative it is cheaper to make field at the member, so these two field often guest is filled with the door, do not have almost on the weekend temporarily " jump the queue " likelihood, rose to gain ground on certain level, the effect that spreads golf campaign.

  More the name is to be long-term development consideration

So, is bright ball met why even instead " does blame member make field " ? Luck of general manager king locks up an explanation to say, this basically is from ball chairman far development considers. He emphasizes saying, at the outset bright ball is met the agreement according to the government, fruit mountain expends club of golf of public of referenced dragon hillock. Nowadays, the ball just also can change name just, the management concept of other is changeless.

Speak of the circumstances that golf motion and public field are in China, he thinks, after golf motion enters China, the first impression caused the misunderstanding of people, itself is athletic sports of a kind of fitness, recreational, recreational, as a result of earlier amount little, capacity finite, investment is large wait for a reason, cause demand exceeds supply, the price is high, this kind " content with rare for expensive " accord with economic rule, when resembling just appearing on the market " brick type " mobile phone, say it is aristocratic product at this point? So, cannot give golf simply such definition below motion, limitted the development that golf moves, this needs correct guiding.
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