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FGT joins in field - Bashu amorous feelings is enjoyed in bequest of culture of

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Circumference of black town hill 120 square kilometer, the blueness of extend of the travel austral the edge is suburban in hill, taking those who embracing is club of golf of black town hill.

Club of golf of hill of Sichuan black town is located in on the grand sight town that 20 kilometers go south highway of area of scene of hill of black town of edge of river lasher city, be apart from Chengdu 50 more than kilometer, be linked together with the freeway that become fill, traffic is very convenient. Field covers an area of a face to accumulate more than 2000 mus, for international standard 18 holes field, full-length 7023, standard lever 72 lever. Field leans draw near blueness is suburban hill the foot of a mountain, scene day is become, having " black town the world is secret " beautiful praise. The meeting place of field is a two grandiose buildings that the layer has dimensions quite, buy ball provides brand shop, coffee inside, the have everything that one expects to find such as dining-room, small-sized banqueting hall, additionally still villa of company of the tea outdoor, golf waits, it is collect motion, recreational, conference, business affairs the good place at an organic whole.

What place attending the meeting is linked together directly is the exercise field of expanse of an eye shot, share 50 to hit with transverse and paratactic spread out, no matter be the warm up before end, or is the family on the belt, go up about the real sense of friend experience golf, it is right choice. Etc do sufficient preparation, take ball staff, take caddie, can begin to exhibit skill.

Because field depends on hill to draw near water and build, the spirit that gets scope of operation opportunely is angry, the vegetation inside field is rich, willow and shady, bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration, see the floret of of all kinds with vibrant all over the mountains and plains at will, no matter far look or watch nearly, always can make a person mental contented, brandish lever rises to still be cool.

Go going to along the 2nd hole on the alley of the 3rd hole, through the Zhu Lin of a Qing Ji. Because,perhaps be not long ago of a rainwater erode, the small bamboo of both sides appears all the more forceful, bright. From Jiang Yan by the creek that go up and leaves billabong to come out had flowed, irrigated all the way 1000 bend fertile land, more irrigate the vigor with particular field of black town hill and glamour, purified dusty long already feeling. Imperceptible in, this situation imprints greatly already in brain, stream drip not to cease, can't help making the same score added a few minutes of attaching and do not abandon.

All the way free is hit wander come to field difficulty the 8th hole with highest coefficient, full-length 459, also be the 4 lever hole with whole field the longest lane. Capture the key of this hole depends on the first lever of bully. From serve the stage views the past, lane right is a woods, lane is long and narrow. 100 place has the front a rapid small stream and an one person's expensive plant are barrier, increased difficulty thereby. If should have crossed brook channel at least,need to hit 130 above point of fall to just be safety. 130 when can not look down upon this distance not to grow, the heavy obstacle of the artificial lake that should eliminate left of brook channel, lane and right OB woods, also not be so easy. This is the clever part that lane designs, look be like easy swipe onslaught, hide again actually mystery, if encounter adversity,one lever goes out, feel namely compunction extremely, but should pick up male wind again, can send only look at next time. Once cross a barrier, the road from the back is straightway also.
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