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Field of champion of American optimal field still is champion

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Champion field only then built 1980, by Mu of building wonder soup - Faqiao (Tom Fazio) is designed and become. In same when

In the circuitry that travels in beautiful country holiday, we see PGA country hot spring goes vacationing rarely the form of the village, its success depends on this going vacationing to the village does not count a public house and live, because PGA headquarters is established,be in border go vacationing the place of the village, make here had unique golf market resource.

16 years ago, go vacationing the village once appealed Yujieke - Nikelaosi, special and reparative the sod of field, will play a ball game to make champion field can attract more player. Go vacationing after the village is being transformed basically, presented a kind of new sense. Fall in this kind of circumstance namely, brand-new field was born. In the meantime, establishment of all sorts of exquisite form a complete set also offerred crucial condition. 2002, field improved drainage system again, the sod of Fu pyxidium mountain also changed the lamina with much better quality of a material by Tifdwarf 100 Muda grass are planted Tifeagle.

Champion field is full-length 7, 048, standard lever 72 lever. The design of field lets you feel already the risk has results again, and be not billows not Jing. The most absorbing still is the design of lane, field of other of far unlike Florida, the estate that densely covered move develops all round. The 9 holes after before 9 holes are mixed suit to walk, of fruit mountain rise and fall to serve with vicinity the relief of the stage is linked together cheek by jowl.

Water obstacle is the characteristic with champion the biggest field more, along lane normally two side distributing. It is to examine here the good place of your bunt and push rod level. If you plaint,so this field is hit very hard, because you are afraid,that is the limit that had surpassed oneself, perhaps ignored listen to the proposal from those well-trained caddie. Current, club of PGA state championship is in the United States " Golfweek " in criticizing selection American optimal court, rank 65. (Civil / Bradley S. Klein is compiled / Gao Peng)

Post person

Order: Current, the member that champion field faces club of PGA country golf and go vacationing the tourist of the village is open. The member of American PGA allied club wants to be booked ahead of schedule

Collect fees: Fruit mountain expends 270 dollars, do not contain caddie fee

Below, let us be champion field

The grading that makes a system (full marks 10 minutes)

1. The design of lane circuitry: 7 minutes

When you are walked out of from meeting place, eye shot is very open, a bit won't get on the side of field the interference of the building.

2. Character and exterior: 6 minutes

The design both neither of whole field is abrupt not inflexible also, field landscape arrangement is reasonable. Be in field personally, the person's eye can the gets used to field line of without striking a blowing.
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