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Ball of standard lever birdie and affect ball a few term explain golf

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Lever of so called standard is the lever number that the player ought to finish according to the design. Have among this so short hole, medium hole and long hole. Short hole is the hole that standard lever is 3 lever; That is to say, you hit 3 pole, should from serve 3 pole are carried on the area hole out. Ordinal analogize, 4 lever hole, 5 lever hole. This is standard lever. That is to say: The standard lever of short hole is 3 lever; Medium the standard of the hole

Par, represents The Expected Number Of Strokes It Should Take To Play Each Hole, it is with a certain number of second drive by two push rod Es is comprised normally. For instance, hole of a 3 lever, need ball hand mountain of the fruit on one lever, next hole out of Two Putts of two push rod.

Par, it is a player the achievement of this hole planished standard lever, if standard lever is 3 lever or 4 lever, he hit 3 pole or 4 lever;

Birdie played a young bird namely, it is to compare standard lever to work less, that is to say, if standard lever is 4 lever, he finished this hole with 3 lever. He hit a Birdie namely, it is little the meaning of one lever.

Eagle allows lever than the watch namely little the meaning of two lever. For the distance, watch 43 be over, express 54 into. Compare standard lever so little two lever, hit an Eagle. Still one is plant is, double Eagle Shuang Ying, this is a very infrequent on golf field achievement. That is to say is less than standard lever 3 lever. ... can happen in 4 lever or 5 lever hole only. Also call Golden Eagle, albtrass is albatross, this is decided according to achievement.

Bogey is in monster of English middle finger, that is to point to certainly hapless, multi-purpose lever number.

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