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On push rod and fruit mountain formal

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  1. Fruit mountain is not hurt when putting down flagpole, below light put down gently
  2. Do not brush flagpole in fruit mountain sod admiral fruit mountain inserts a hole
  3. Easy when ball lever bag or ball lever want to put down injury asks put down gently to fruit mountain
  4. When wanting to take out flag post, or when taking out the ball ball hole, should not hurt ball hole margin
  5. The flagpole when leaving fruit mountain range inserts a hole, leave again. Own side issues group staff recognize direction and determine distance
  6. Have on fruit mountain be bumped into into uneven Ball Mark by the ball, should careful level
  7. The bruise that hobnail place has stepped also should try to arrange, ask an attention, of hobnail footprint keeping clear of is hitting when this ball hole after
  8. Should not linger on Green
  9. After a hole is compared, should leave promptly, go up in fruit mountain slowly plan cent, discuss or practice a few times more, not only worry of the group after increasing, it is courteous and it is dangerous to do not have in the meantime

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