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What you cannot ignore is basic play a ball game common sense

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Golf is formal the component with move the mainest as golf, it is to distinguish one of characteristics at other motion project, because this golf also is called,“ gent moves ” . No matter how you flaunt your ball ability, ball age, perhaps reveal oneself costly ball to provide with actor's costumes of a suit famous brand, whether does the manner that should see you go up in field only abide by golf formal, can distinguish a golf hand that you are a be worthy of the name, or one can take ball staff only attendant go up to employ ball person than what delimit. Carry the show on your field, people can observe whether you have deep love for this motion, tradition that understands it to respect the companion that plays a ball game together, make an assessment to the breeding of your individual and bearing then.

Golf is the campaign that height of energy of player of a need centers. Generally the player has experience, if somebody is on the side josh, move back and forth ball lever gives out noise, or it is to be in all round to-and-fro word, you will center energy brandish lever or pushball very hard. Making the goal with formal and regular golf is to pass normative player attendant the conduct behavior that go up, make the player can be respected each other, enjoy adequately together play a ball game fun. With formal concerned regulation is to apply to the average state in whole field and practice area a little, some are to be aimed at location, if serve mountain of area, fruit and make. This period we will emphasize the introduction the basiccest golf is formal.

The attention is safe

Safety is such in golf motion important, so that golf regulation is mixed formal opening its line piece first place. If the player does not have enough understanding to the solid level of golf and ball lever, field will become a critical ground. Because this player should give height takes seriously, be like:

● does not want the local drive to somebody or pole of exercise empty brandish, because hit the ball that give or the block that hit accidentally

, branch and sod hit another person likely. Moreover this also is clodhopping behavior.

● attention has not gone in somebody beside when brandish lever, also not be at the same time when others brandish lever from its beside go

Over- .

Keep quiet

It is very important to maintain an environment. Need of the player when playing a ball game is preoccupied, any sound of sth astir affect the quality of drive likely. So attendant go up when the speech must depress organ. Although you do not mind with team player, you also should take care of around other group to play a ball game the guest's need. In addition avoid by all means runs on field move. Attendant on run to run to be able to cause other player abstracted with be agitated, still can damage sod. Answer to go quickly gently as far as possible when necessary so.

Control plays a ball game speed
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