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What you cannot ignore is basic play a ball game common sense

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The ball is friendly people the fun that hopes to enjoy dozen of golf to the top of one's bent, but everybody does not think daylong bad news is in field. If the player is in twice between drive,latency time grows too, they can become impatient, and the power that can lose drive. Was thought everybody's interest, time of incur loss through delay does not want when playing a ball game. It is to keep proper below play a ball game a few proposal of speed:

● does brandish lever exercise only before drive every time, attack immediately next ball. Remember: If you every ball is hit

120 lever, every time additional if doing an exercise with 30 seconds, add up you every ball is about floriferous 1 hour.

● has made adequate preparation before be turn for your drive, do not wait for the ability when be turn for you to begin to consider to use which ball rod,

Or the decision is direct had hit water or hit insurance ball to ahead of water obstacle area- - when had better taking the advantage of others drive, carry

The consideration helps somebody attain his aim before.

When ● should move toward fruit mountain, had observed below one hole serves stage direction, put ball staff next (or ball car place)

Serve below fruit mountain distance a nearer a side, after digging this hole so can take roundabout way less, save already

Physical strength won't lose time.

Before ● prep close behind a group of players. When they leave fruit mountain range, you should have made good drive preparation. Need not upright

At the back of meaning one group can catch up with you, the distance that should notice to keep appropriate with before one group only and play a ball game speed


Do not want before concede points is hit one group of players

The “ that always reminds oneself to keep appropriate plays a ball game before speed ” can conduce to your prep close behind one group of players, ensure won't affect from the back of the group play a ball game. But before prep close behind one group while must take care again, do not hit the player in front from too close down to ball. So must advanced after all a group of players leave drive to be apart from limits resumptive dozen.

Some players are attendant be duped encounter ahead to lays slow person can be behaved very impatiently, this is understandable. If you wait too for a long time, before can going by to remind one group accelerates rate, but ten million cannot urge with the means toward their drive the other side, this action is very dangerous really, do not have courtesy again, it may be said thes loss outweights the gain.

Request go ahead of the rest is passed

Forward a group of players request go ahead of the rest to pass is in playing a ball game, be being executed the hardest also is one of conditions that cause controversy the most easily. Because normally this is equal to before be being alluded one group of their incur loss through delay,be being executed hard is play a ball game time, even if is a fact what also can cause the other side is vinegary. If you plan to request go ahead of the rest,pass so, should seek equal opportunity, very polite ground puts forward. The following proposal mights as well try:
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