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What you cannot ignore is basic play a ball game common sense

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● is before the request that puts forward go ahead of the rest to pass, should decide ahead has enough space. If request to exceed in you

one still have before the group another group is playing a ball game, so you can refuse for certain.

● should thanks after getting allowing and complete drive as soon as possible. In case you hit ” of smelly ball of a “ (

Often issue a player to be able to feel pressure in this kind of circumstance, play a ball game very likely so error) , had better not add dozen

Another ball, lest cause the allergy of other. Keep calm, continue to hit according to regulation can.

● is become you and before one one hole above has gone out for nothing between the group, show you play a ball game rate is slower, if you feel

One group from the back is chased after very closely, hope go ahead of the rest is passed likely, should enquire actively and offer convenient. Close most

Comfortable opportunity is to become after you reach fruit mountain range, backward signal of a group of beck lets them make fruit mountain range first one lever. Attack

You can complete the clearance that they take the advantage of to move toward fruit mountain after the ball oneself push attack. Can serve in below one hole later

The area asks them first bully.

The player that “Ready Golf”—— lets get ready is hit first

If not be to play the match or other and formal situation, play a ball game usually every time when drive, the player that can let get ready between group ball friend together is hit first. Although be the same as group of balls of some player,not be a farthermost from the hole that is to say, want him only (she) had made good drive preparation, OK above all drive. Premise is with reach consensus beforehand with team player, explain this field ball will hit “Ready Golf” , such companions won't think you do not know regulation, return the gent demeanour that can feel you instead.

The player that lets get ready is hit first conduce to accelerate play a ball game speed, but must be the same as certainly before drive group everybody knows you will drive, you are witting also at the same time the position that someone else is in at that time, because you do not think concede points knocks down present one, of course you do not want to appear more with group ball friend at the same time the occasion of brandish lever.

How to drive golf cart

The player does not need a driver's license to be able to be in field bully car, but premise is the basic common sense that you must understand attendant up train, and can be accomplished be in drive while both neither can destroy field sod, won't affront is other player.

Drive divide evenly should maintain when motor-driven ball car fast travel, in order to because give out bigger noise quickly,avoid. The person play a ball game all round always should pay close attention to when drive a vehicle. Once discover somebody is planning drive, must stop, when ball car is started to continue again after his drive travel.
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