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What you cannot ignore is basic play a ball game common sense

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As a result of located of season and field state different, meeting general executes the ball different ball car travel is regular, the commonnest have two kinds:

● ball car is restricted to be on driveway only travel- - this regulation applies to the ground wetter soft field, the purpose is to as a result of,avoid

The conflict with of ball wheel embryo makes lane sod is destroyed.

90 metric of ● criterion- - car of this regular requirement ball basically is on driveway travel, arrive with fall after ball dot makes the same score neat niche

, can turn 90 degrees of right angle, cross lane flies a ball directly by. After needing player drive, press ball car again former

The road opens a lane to continue to overtake. Execute 90 metric to be able to let a player drive already ball by, can most

Small degree land injures lane grass.

What must remember well is in any field any circumstances fall, no matter be ball car or hand pull a cart forbidden (push) on fruit mountain and serve area, will cause to field otherwise damage badly, it is unpardonable. Normally the metropolis on field has nameplate to indicate the extent of ball car travel and park, player should strict comply with is carried out.

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