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The match means of golf

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1. is surpassed than lever (STROKE PLAY)

When the round that making a provision for contestant than lever contest is counted, general profession match all is 4 days of 4 bouts 72 holes (but also have exceptional) , its total staff number is least person, it is champion namely.

Be not professional ball friend commonly, if be in,the game of team month exemple that plays digs a day of 18 holes, its lever figures the total staff result that is this month namely, achievement the best is total staff champion.

Spare ball friend differs because of ball ability, within an inch of has tall, have low, unlike PRO is 0 within an inch of, reason must have the case that allows lever when the match, achievement of match total staff just is met fair.

2. is surpassed than the hole (MATCH PLAY)

The contest that compare a hole is the contest that one unit will decide to be defeated or wins for each hole, each hole lever counts least one party, it is the winner of this hole namely, the hole that sets in the match is counted, all be 18 holes commonly, but also have 2 meetings the contest comparing a hole of 36 holes, if a banner hole counts the hole number that did not make more than, victory or defeat already divided reason terminable match, banner one party is a winner namely.

The friendly game that compare a hole must be in spare ball the hole number that provides the competition is hit entirely, with 18 holes 4 individual matches explain, number of his responsibility hole is divided for 18 holes with 4 for 4.5 holes, must win 4.5 holes to just calculate deuce each namely, if somebody beat 6 holes, criterion actually he wins 1.5 holes only, because its are basic,responsibility hole number is 4.5 holes. Be like with every hole each 100 yuan match, criterion every hole has 400 yuan stake, because this wins 1.5 holes, have 600 yuan stake.

When suggesting spare ball friend plays a ball game, all answer small bet, such ability can illuminate regular and serious hitting, move the ball punishs lever, also do not have OK, must advance a hole to just can progress so, and small the charge that betted fund should dine together, just won't hurt amiable.

3. individual is surpassed (SINGLES)

The department is the match of the unit with the individual, have the branch that the contest that compare lever surpasses than the hole namely.

4. a pair of 2 matches (THREESOME)
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