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The match means of golf

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Ford of 8. Shi Tebai (STABLEFORD) match

It is with standard mark fiducial, hit PAR to get 2 minutes, much lever is little one minute, little one lever is much cent, but it is 0 minutes the least, did not lose cent, hit Bai Ji to be a minute namely, hit Shuang Baiji to do not have cent, dozen exceed standard lever 3 lever also are zero, wait for hit 18 holes to be calculated again assembly accomplishment, achievement is top person for champion.

Spare ball friend is with within an inch of fiducial come the match, namely 0 within an inch of, criterion each lever does not increase staff. Within an inch of 10 person, the 1st hole goes to difficulty the 10th hole can increase one staff, namely general PAR 3, hit PAR to get 2 minutes, but if this hole is the hole of give special treatment of its within an inch of, if hit 3 lever PAR, can get 3 minutes. Hit Bai Ji to get 2 minutes, it is like within an inch of 19, criterion difficulty of 1 increase 2 staff, each hole adds the others 1 lever, means of this kind of match is in abroad the match of sex of profession of a lot of blame often is used.

Match of 9. new Bei Liya

The ball hole that new Beiliya makes means of computational within an inch of be PAR3, PAR4, PAR5 each are draw-out 2 holes in all 6 holes are not calculated achievement, the others summation of addition of 12 holes achievement, multiply with 1.5 times, subtract again after standard lever (it is 72 lever) normally, multiply again after with 0.8 it is within an inch of namely.

" computation is formulary " :

18 holes of ⊙ - shrink surplus of 6 holes = 12 holes

⊙ [(12 holes always add up to lever to count) lever of standard of * 1.5 -72] within an inch of of * *0.8 =

By above formulary achievement is good be smoked, leave lever number to dig bad hole high, can high position has met within an inch of.

Hit much pole intentionally to prevent someone in order to obtain taller within an inch of, highest lever of PAR3 of lever of ball hole standard is counted with 5 lever plan, actual result consideration is reflected under 5 lever namely, 5 lever above counts 5 lever with highest lever plan. And highest lever of PAR4 of lever of ball hole standard is counted with 7 lever plan, highest lever of PAR5 of lever of ball hole standard is counted with 9 lever plan, such within an inch of just won't be gotten high unusual.

New Beiliya makes calculation price difference is very accurate, use at the beginning of team to comprise chronometer to calculate the within an inch of of every team member commonly, like that the person that average game gives low within an inch of easily however makes a hand, the ball hole in PAR3 or PAR5 configures each to have 4 holes only because of general field, be achieved by draw-out opportunity 50% , because this ace can have been hit as far as possible in this 8 holes, put in the ball hole of PAR4 two, 3 holes batter down, can obtain tall within an inch of so, and get result of become reconciled of small clean staff.
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