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The match means of golf

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10. is new match of new Bei Liya

In PAR 3, PAR 5 to prevent ace to meet this 8 holes had been hit as far as possible, the ball hole in PAR 4 is intended will two, 3 holes batter down, can obtain tall within an inch of so, and get result of become reconciled of small clean staff, because this invented new new Beiliya again. It is optional and draw-out that new new Beiliya makes computational within an inch of 6 holes, summation multiplies the 12 holes of the others to subtract with 1.5 times after standard lever (it is 72 lever normally) hind multiply again with 0.8 it is within an inch of namely.

" computation is formulary " :

18 holes of ⊙ - shrink surplus of 6 holes = 12 holes

⊙ [(12 holes always add up to lever to count) lever of standard of * 1.5 -72] within an inch of of * *0.8 =

Hit much pole intentionally to prevent someone likewise in order to obtain taller within an inch of, highest lever of PAR3 of lever of ball hole standard, PAR4, PAR5 is counted with 5, 7, 9 lever plan.

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