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Take you to be familiar with golf motion- - run-of-mill formal

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What should if you are not very affirmatory,wear ability is convenient, can call to ask to field directly, compare not familiar or formal competition ground abroad especially, you should know common common sense, do not have commonly get the T-shirt and dew by the arm the vest is inapt, some field cannot wear knickers to enter even, so trousers is formaller.

The goal is provided sell store

If you are taking your ball lever or ball bag to enter,sell store, always be unavoidable the ill will of in a melon patch or under the plum tree, put ball bag and ball staff to show your breeding and demeanour are best outside be outside ball inn or reminding you to put ball bag the door directly.

Mobile phone, calling set and electron are expressed

Avoid to carry electronic communication product to enter the court as far as possible, drop everything of the office temporarily! Special attention if your electronic watch meets what hour rings also want to set order Jing Yin, if ball friend or Sai Youzheng are when brandish lever, you give out noise is very clodhopping.

Change clothes more shoe

If you must want change clothes more the shoe asks bathhouse, must not be in a parking lot change clothes or be taken off inside the car.


If you must want to smoke, courtesy comes up say Ying Xianzheng begs teammate to agree, express your demeanour first at least, of course, the smoke end that does not leave you is attendant go up.

Safety first

Drive person should affirm before brandish lever all round ball friend leaves certain space with the station, around left and right sides is sure to affirm did not endanger others security to be hit slow walk along a principle quickly, hit a ball to should go as soon as possible the next time drive dot, do not amuse the plan that circulates friend of below the influence one group of balls, what also ensure oneself to go up at lane at the same time is safe.

The safety of friend of ball of the group before affirming is hit again

The person of the group before must noticing first already hit what level, the safety of staff of the group before affirming is hit again.

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