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Take you to be familiar with golf motion- - formal connect piece

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Golf pays attention to ceremony, the following, it is the basic courtesy that should abide by on field:

Before 1. drive or brandish lever, should decide first near the office that nobody stand or nobody establish far to may knock down at the ball, whether is there block, small pebble, branch to wait on postmortem ground, lest brandish lever touchs,fly and injury and other.

When drive of 2. the other side, just cannot wandering ever since, or the hammer is worn read blow line, also do not want loudly roaring and cloggy the other side.

Player of the team before 3. did not go grow a ball besides the distance when, from group do not get drive, be in fast adjacent in front when group group, answer to come down speed rein in.

Ball of the group before 4. becomes you is friendly, original state of reply of mountain of has used lane, fruit, bunker, and when the drive that will not affect you, you will happy and smooth dig 18 holes.

When 5. attacks the ball that give to be found not easily, should instantly the group after gesture lets member go ahead of the rest is passed. When looking for ball time to was not amounted to 5 minutes, should make this gesture namely, hind hind team player falls through be far from in succession when the ball is apart from, just can continue drive.

After one hole of 6. is hit, answer to leave fruit mountain range instantly.

The 7. choice to lever of distance, ball, answer to discuss with lever younger brother, but must not to the person ask a question beyond lever younger brother, seek guidance.

8. does not pester a jack-towel between the waist, enter a guild hall or take off one's hat is needed when dining-room.

If 9. does not have special provision, 2 ball game should relatively 3 ball game or 4 ball game have priority, must surmount. And the player that makes alone does not have lien, should make any team preferential actor or actress through.

10. makes one entire round (18 holes) person the match, relatively the game that does not play one entire round is preferential.

11. becomes some team player cannot attendant on the position that keeps due, backward in front a group of players one hole above, should let from the back one group is surmounted hit first.

12. plays a ball game the time of a flower should be made up for with going quickly, do not make a companion long await.
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