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Strong column of GolfWeek Cui annals says from traffic jam of 5 annulus road fie

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After cancelling to collect fees originally, the 5 annulus road of Beijing ought to be a very smooth link line, but ought to smooth road however often because a few ought not to thing and become so not smooth:

According to highway code, of all kinds car ought to go each its, line of overtake line, drive a vehicle of mark obviously for nothing, can be somebody does not do a thing by custom, left driveway is once serious when drive a vehicle traffic jam, went to be not moved almost, because intermediate driveway is mixed on the right side of driveway is van and larger passenger car mostly, whole road grew a parking lot almost, good not easy loiter arrives in front look, the old freight car that is a train in excess specified length so was occupied on the right side of driveway, and who presses a horn he does not let, according to me the appearance on the car shows, speed per hour does not exceed 40 kilometers absolutely! A boy hold back that opens Qienuoji did not live, van does not live to be about after overtake old fist photograph to, starting work of course is incorrect for certain, but tell the truth is such caustic people's not hoggish driver owed beat?

Still have, it is 5 annulus road the place that road of the 8 high speed that amount to mountain exports is embraced forever! In the morning is go on a journey normally 8 Da Ling's fastigium, add road of the 5 annulus when be duped to design the blemish on, in from exit the place beyond 9 kilometers begins to block a car up, the reason that blocks a car up is very simple: A few drivers for can early go out, do not be in according to custom most on the right side of driveway queues up, the car that queues up more than from left however is squeezed forth, then herein forms bottleneck, create block, original a few seconds of a section of a highway that can pass, unripe unripe want to block up on 20 minutes even half hour! Arrived to export vicinity to be able to see a few cars are stupefied to had crossed two driveway to be broken outside from sidewards of the leftest driveway even, that car is almost horizontal went up in the road! You say you gamble with your life to be squeezed forth, can so as to save a few minutes? True break must go out so the time that takes others is inappropriate reply a thing!

Seem to say far, do not have actually, this kind of thing is on golf field also often is visibility worn?

Play a ball game in some field when, in front one group is hit strangely slow clinking, before everybody plays a ball game, 3 people should be compared delimit a long time, try brandish lever 34 times at least, one lever is hit a few meters, concede points child changes the lever that raise a ball, retry next brandish lever, compare again delimit, hit again a few meters, hit slow even is understandable, after all golf is exquisite " go quickly slow to hit " , but most those who let a person be overcome is the speed that walk extremely slow also, it is pace of goose travel duck really, the carefree interest that true front courtyard having spare time strolls, after 4 holes, in the 5th hole serve on the area, we and from the back blocked 3 groups up unexpectedly, and they and in front one group is separated probably full two holes, past of the member that we let field of make one's rounds and they discuss or to accelerate rate, or lets the group start off before the others from the back pass, their answer is unexpectedly " we spend money, want how to call the freedom that is us! Want how to call the freedom that is us!!
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