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A kind of ball that golf is the hole out that use rod kind activity. Match method has two kinds: Shake?ldquo; to surpass ” than the hole, surpass ” than lever for “ . Traceable Scotland folk, form at 14, 15 centuries. Current and popular wait for a country at North America, Western Europe, Australia, south Africa, Asia. Chinese the Song Dynasty, yuan, the activity that bright period ever shed an one sort to be like golf, call “ to beat bolus ” . Contemporary golf motion passes into China at 19 centuries, 80 time Guangdong builds 20 centuries field of the first golf.
Field: Standard field grows 5943.6-6400.8 rice, cover an area of an area to be 50 hectare to be controlled to 100 hectare commonly. Set 18 balls hole, each balls are the lane that from beginning to end joins between the hole, length 100 - differ more than meters 500. Differ with lane length and be ball hole cent long hole, medium hole and short hole. A terminus of every ball hole between “ serves area ” , “ lane ” , “ grows area of obstacle of water of ” of bunker of female division ” , “ , “ ” and ” of area of “ ball hole.
Ball: Show a circle. The diameter is not less than 42.67 millimeter, weight is not more than 45.93 grams. Ball kernel is made by the synthetic material of similar vulcanite, crust bag has the hard and smooth synthesis stuff that bestrews a lot of small sunken circles, also can circle a shirr again between ball kernel and crust.
Ball lever: Use at drive, staff is about 1 meter or so senior. Cent holds body of handle, lever and lever head 3 parts, with lever head drive. Have wood pole and iron Peng two kinds. Wood pole is by length cent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, basically attack remote ball. Iron lever is by length cent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, control the direction of drive more easily. Say commonly, the number number of ball lever is smaller, lever body is chiefer, the angle between face of lever head drive and lever body axes is smaller also, the distance that hits a ball is further also.
Standard lever counts: Show the player knocks down the ball from bully area the drive time that needs inside ball hole. The standard lever of every hole by this hole site size is decided. General golf field sets hole of 4 3 lever, hole of 4 5 lever and hole of 10 4 lever. So, the standard lever of 18 holes is a lot of field 72 lever.
  “ handkerchief ” (PAR) : The lever number of player hole out and standard lever number are same.
” of “ birdie ball (BIRDIE) : Drive lever number counts 1 lever under standard lever.
” of “ eagle ball (EAGLE) : Count 2 lever under standard lever.
“ supply ” (BOGEY) : Drive lever number counts much lever than standard lever.

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